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All Georgia Immigration Legal service and Georgian VISA support in Batumi include the following components

Due to the increase in the influx of foreign citizens into Georgia, the demand for legal services in migration matters has increased significantly.

People come not only to get acquainted with the country and its culture, but also with the goal of starting a new life or returning to their historical homeland.

A lot of questions arise regarding employment, citizenship, marriage and various migration documents.

Amendments to the legislation of Georgia are made annually, and special attention is paid precisely to the issues of migration law, which is difficult for a foreigner to understand, especially without knowledge of the national language.

In order to secure your stay on the territory of Georgia from the legal side, it is better to entrust the solution of migration issues to specialists who are able to take into account all the subtleties and know the special nuances of migration legislation.

Legal services on migration issues may be needed not only by foreigners, but also by local employers who employ foreign citizens.

Employment visa permit in Georgia country:

It is necessary to take into account the issues of regulating working conditions, possible fines, rules for maintaining personnel records, etc.

Many employers are often simply afraid to hire migrants, as they do not know all the intricacies of the process of registration and cooperation with foreign citizens, thereby losing important personnel not only for their business, but also for the host country. Formally getting a job in Georgia, a foreigner needs help not only in the proper execution of the relevant documents, but also mingration legal advice in the framework of migration law in order to keep abreast of important points of local legislation.

A lawyer on migration issues can help both a foreigner and an employer of migrants not only with advice on possible errors, but also with representation in resolving legal issues.

Most often, migration legal services within the framework of georgian immigration law relate to issues of citizenship in Georgia, Georgian visa VISA support, obtaining a residence permit or employment permit.

Foreign citizens rarely can independently carefully study and understand the process of processing and obtaining the necessary documents.

Our lawyers will provide you with a complete understanding of the procedures for obtaining and processing documents so that you can complete and complete everything yourself on time.

Obtaining such documents is a rather complicated process, and it is best to resolve such issues in several stages, which can be prepared by a qualified lawyer.

In addition, assistance in the preparation of documents also consists in consultation on filling out the necessary data and submitting the collected package of documents to the appropriate organization.

If you have already tried to draw up such documents yourself, but have been refused, then a lawyer on migration issues will help you appeal such a decision and increase the chances of obtaining the necessary permission.

A qualified lawyer will help you choose the most suitable and compelling conditions and grounds for obtaining citizenship, residence permit or employment.

Legal assistance on migration issues is also necessary for those who are already conducting or are planning to start their own business in Georgia. Details and features of the tax and financial system of the country are of great importance in solving business issues.

To properly build and run a business, you need to be aware of all the changes and regularly check your business for compliance with current legislation. It is the business of migrants that has the most subtleties. And in order for your business to become successful and stable, you need to take care not only of its design, but also of further development within the framework of compliance with state law.

One of the ways to obtain citizenship in Georgia is to invest in countries, and more specifically in real estate. And every year the conditions of this method change, so those wishing to obtain citizenship should always be aware of changes and features.

Without professional legal assistance in this matter, you can quickly get a refusal or not all conditions can be met, missing something important.

Therefore, to ensure the safe life of a foreign citizen in Georgia, it is required to know all the subtleties and characteristics of the country’s migration legislation.

A lawyer will help you not only to find out your rights and obligations, but also to ensure the most comfortable stay inside the country.

Types of legal assistance with immigration lawyer in Georgia country:

  • Assistance in lifting the ban on entry into the country
  • Identification of the reasons for the ban on visiting and entering the country
  • Drawing up the necessary complaints and claims
  • Representation in various disputes with state bodies
  • Organization for the Protection of Immigrants under Administrative Law
  • Representation in court and other state bodies
  • Consultations in the framework of migration issues regarding citizenship, residence permit, etc.
  • Various and general advice on migration issues;
  • Consultation and assistance in obtaining migration documents;
  • Assistance and advice on the employment of foreign citizens;
  • Assistance to employers working with migrants;
  • Consultation in the conduct of business by migrants;
  • Assistance in obtaining documents for the purchase of real estate by migrants;

We provide services according to the agreed terms, and guarantee confidentiality to our customers.

To use legal services within the framework of criminal law in Batumi, send your request with a specific task to our lawyers in any form convenient for you and at a time convenient for you – by e-mail, by phone, on the site form or in person.

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