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The area of law, which includes the widest range of offenses, is called administrative. A distinctive feature of such cases is a short time from the moment the initiation of the administrative case to prosecution.

Therefore, there is simply no time for thoughtless attempts in this case – you should immediately contact a legal expert for help. If you seek legal assistance in Batumi on time, you can avoid initiating administrative proceedings.

When a serious and unplanned check arrives at your organization, you were called to the law enforcement authorities and issued a written complaint – it’s worth considering the services of a lawyer. All this can be the beginning of a charge of an administrative offense.

It is not advisable to solve such situations independently. Without sufficient knowledge, many mistakes can be made that will complicate the work of any legal expert in the future and delay the resolution of the dispute.

Consultation of a lawyer in administrative matters in Batumi is necessary not only for legal entities, but also for individuals.

Not infrequently, violations of road safety are examples of administrative offenses. The most famous example of a sanction is a fine.

Petty hooliganism or business disputes are also included in the framework of administrative law.

Most often, administrative responsibility is imposed on people who have committed offenses in the field of economic activity or migration or customs rules, as well as on those who have somehow violated human rights.

Participants in legal relations in this area are both ordinary citizens and state or non-state institutions, companies and enterprises. It is relations in society that are associated with state and managerial activities and are in the administrative legal sphere.

As for the services that lawyers provide under administrative law service in Georgia, they are:

  • Legal advice capable of expanding knowledge of the process and procedure for the emergence of responsibility in the field of administrative law;
  • Consultation on the execution of protocols and assistance in collecting evidence in favor of the client;
  • Writing and preparing decisions and complaints;
  • The study of all documents that may cause prosecution;
  • Legal consultations that increase knowledge about the procedure and process of bringing to responsibility in this area of ​​law;
  • Advice on the design of protocols and assistance in collecting evidence in favor of the client;
  • Writing and preparation of decisions and complaints;
  • The study of the necessary documents, which are the basis for bringing to justice;
  • Representation and participation in the trial at any of its stages;
  • Appeal of decisions and others.

A legal expert is responsible for protecting the reputation of a legal or natural person, helps to restore violated rights and eliminate the negative consequences from false cases, and is also able to minimize the amount of fines imposed and reduce the risks of bringing a case to criminal proceedings in court.

The most important thing in the practice of administrative offenses is the cancellation of the decision and the removal of charges from the client. Even if you are confident in your abilities, but do not have sufficient knowledge of the law or the process for resolving such disputes, do not take risks, but seek help from a specialist.

It is the accompaniment of a lawyer in Batumi and the timely provision of legal assistance that record and control the process of resolving offenses that increase the client’s chances of a positive result and the abolition of punishment.

Whatever the legal dispute, it is stressful for everyone, especially if the charges are not substantiated. To avoid risks, entrust your legal protection of your interests to a professional.

To use legal services within the framework of administrative law in Batumi, send a request with a specific task for our lawyers in any form convenient for you and at an acceptable time – by e-mail, by phone, on the site form below and Online Chat Consultation or visit us.

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