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Situations and conflicts arising in the relationship between the employee and his employer are within the competence of labor law. This type of law, which consists of employment legal norms, regulates labor relations and represents a holistic system. As practice shows, controversial situations within the framework of labor relations arise not infrequently.

And not every employee or employer fully understands all the details of what happened and can make many mistakes.

In the labor legal sphere of  job relations in Batumi, individual labor law disputes and collective ones are distinguished .

Someone may immediately go to court without understanding the situation and in the absence of sufficient knowledge of the laws may be the loser.

Understanding what really caused the conflict is a particularly important task. The causes of disputes in labor relations are most often disagreements that relate to the level or payment of wages, illegal dismissal, dangerous working conditions, improperly prepared leave, and so on.

It is very important to defend and protect your labor rights. But many employees are simply afraid or do not know how to do this. In this case, the most appropriate solution would be to seek the help of a legal specialist. It is a professional lawyer in Batumi who will be able to best assess the situation and advise you on what action to take next to prevent mistakes.

The main document in labor law relations, confirming the existence of mutual obligations of the parties, is a signed labor agreement, which is signed by both parties.

If the latter are often resolved through negotiations, then individual disputes are most often resolved in court.

situations when a conflict arises between a work collective or a group of workers and the employer is considered collective disputes. The main reasons here may be massive cuts, delayed wages or worsening working conditions.

Each individual dispute has a number of features and always needs a detailed study. For this, first of all, it is necessary to seek legal services at least for advice on the situation in order to assess all the risks and find out your own legal remedies.

The most common issues for communicating with lawyers are appeal of penalties, reinstatement in the workplace in case of illegal dismissal, counterclaim of unpaid funds and even protection of the rights of the employer.

Illegal dismissal arises due to the irresponsibility of the employer, who does not consider it necessary to comply with documented obligations and makes a subjective decision.

In this case, you have every chance to recover to your previous job. The employee must necessarily contact the state authorities or labor inspection with a statement on violation of labor relations.

For this, legal literacy is still needed, which the typical employee lacks and which the lawyers of Cohen Lawyers & Co. can provide. In addition to legal knowledge, you also get an algorithm of actions that must be completed for a logical dispute. As for unpaid cash, there may be two options. This is either a direct order of the employer for no known reason, or an accounting error.

Often such situations are resolved outside the court, but even in this case, without a correctly drawn up claim, it is better not to start a conflict resolution.

Disciplinary sanctions often lead to penalties in monetary terms. When issuing documents for such orders, the employer often makes mistakes. A competent lawyer on labor relations is able to find a reason to appeal against the actions of management and file a claim for recovery.

Less often, but already with more serious questions, employers also turn to lawyers. Such complaints occur if an employee of the company inflicted serious material or moral damage on the organization, committed an unlawful act, or stole something. If you do not have a personal lawyer or his strength is not enough to protect the rights of the company, then immediately contact a third-party specialist. So that the legal protection process is the most logical and safe for your interests.

The lawyer will also tell you which authority is best to contact at the beginning of the resolution of the conflict. Indeed, depending on the situation, the client can apply not only to local courts, but also to the inspection or commission on labor and labor relations and the prosecutor’s office. Appeal to the court is not always a mandatory procedure.

Even after the initial consultation with the lawyers of Cohen Lawyers & Co employment lawyer service in Batumi, an employee can transfer the conflict state of the dispute to a compromise, or deploy it in his favor and even improve his position at work.

The main thing during the consultation is to understand who really is the right and guilty party. If the situation still cannot be resolved through negotiations, then a legal expert will provide the client with work with the documentation.

This includes the collection of necessary documents, and their analysis of legality and compliance. After controlling and analyzing the documents, our lawyers will select the best option for you to resolve the dispute and, if you wish, will continue the work of representing your interests in court.

The legal expert also organizes work with witnesses if there is not enough documentary evidence, or your case will have certain features.

Our employment lawyers in batumi will clearly determine which information is missing and which witnesses are needed for important information to be collected for the trial.

As for negotiations with the employer and competent preparation of documents necessary for complaints, complaints and claims, here we also recommend contacting a specialist.

Collaboration with qualified lawyers gives you a guarantee of legal employment protection and legal literacy.

In order to use legal services in Batumi in the job sphere, you can send a request with a specific task to our lawyers in any form convenient for you and at an acceptable time – by e-mail, by phone, on the site form below and Online Chat Consultation or visit us.

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