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Disputes under civil law arise every day, and you too can become a party to such a dispute.

This includes situations where personal harm has caused you, and conflicts within the framework of financial corporate law or family law, labor relations, and much more.

Civil law affects disputes between individuals and protects the interests of both individuals and organizations.

This means that claims in such cases are brought by one person, organization or company to another person. Most often, the resolution of such conflicts is limited to monetary damage without resorting to imprisonment.

Often, a case is resolved even without the participation of the court, when during the course of the case at any stage the parties can agree on a compromise and avoid the conflict escalating. True, it is almost impossible to independently reach such a level of conflict resolution – for this, you should seek the help of a legal expert.

One of the cases, the issues of which are within the framework of civil law, is a violation of the terms of a contract concluded between persons.

Here, there may be a failure to comply with the terms of the contract, such as money not paid in full or late delivery of work, and violation of the conditions that were agreed and spelled out in the contract.

Also, civil disputes are conflicts related to rental issues, where lessors or tenants act as participants. For example, forcibly evicting a tenant for no known reason, or changing payment terms.

Family law, which includes prenuptial agreements, or the payment of alimony, as well as inheritance of property, also apply to civil law disputes.

It is such disputes that most often need the help of a lawyer. Indeed, ordinary citizens very rarely understand all the subtleties of legislation and have experience in resolving such situations.

Even at the first consultation, a lawyer in Batumi can greatly facilitate the process of resolving the issue. A legal assessment of the situation that will reveal your chances of a successful development of events is an extremely necessary moment.

For a deeper immersion in each case, a legal expert conducts a legal analysis of documents and helps to develop the right legal position.

It is not always controversial issues that must be resolved through the court.

It is much better to resolve the situation at an early stage – pre-trial.

The help of a advocate in Batumi will be here as never before.

Cohen Lawyers & Co lawyers will help you make the right claim or complaint for your opponent. The main and clear essence of the problem is already half of its solution. And just by defining it correctly, it will be possible to avoid wrong decisions.

In addition to making a claim, a civil lawyer will also accompany you in negotiations and defend your rights or the rights of your company.

If negotiations do not take place or the trial cannot be avoided, our legal expert will act as a defender of your interests in court.

In general, the civil litigation services in Batumi of a lawyer in the framework of civil law are as follows:

  • consultation on the current situation and possible solutions;
  • preparation and analysis of documents and evidence;
  • registration of complaints, statements, letters or claims;
  • representation of your rights in pre-trial proceedings;
  • participation in the appeal of unlawful actions of the defendant;
  • preparation and filing of a statement of claim and representation of your interests in court;
  • monitoring the execution of the judgment and control over it, and, if necessary, appealing it.

With the help of Cohen lawyers & Co lawyers, your rights will be protected and disputes resolved in your favor.

To use legal services within the framework of civil law in Batumi, send a request with a specific task for our lawyers in any form convenient for you and at an acceptable time – by e-mail, by phone, on the site form below and Online Chat Consultation or visit us.

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