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Tax Lawyer

Tax dispute resolution, tax optimization, business tax audit and consulting, tax strategy

Corporate Lawyer

Contract development and revision, disputes between companies, and other complex business issues.

Civil Lawyer

Real estate lawsuits, Construction liability lawsuits, Product liability lawsuits, Intellectual property disputes


Different Claims and payments, Medicine Injury, compensation for various damages,
non-pecuniary damage


we help in criminal cases of any complexity, develop a defense strategy,
mitigate or abolish punishments


Cases related to all kinds of fines and duties, customs disputes, disputes on administrative cases of all kinds of complexity

Our top lawyers have an education at Harvard University (USA)

Ammerican Lawyer in Batumi
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Law firm in Batumi COHEN LAWYERS & Co represents a representative office of an American law firm in Georgia country. The highly qualified, experienced lawyers are working in COHEN LAWYERS & Co, who provide services to foreign customers in all areas of legal services. In particular, civil law, criminal law, employment law, corporate and business law, maritime law, etc.

The professional values, legal ethics, teamwork, and experience in local and international law are important in the provision of legal services, which simplifies the processes for our clients in attracting business partners and at the same time makes relationships with partners more reliable.

Our Attorney in Batumi



Founder & CEO

Harvard University, Extension School, USA, Boston. 2017 Professional Graduate Level dignity of Lawyer (LSC)

Northeastern University, School of Law, Boston, USA. 2016 Master of laws (LLM)

University of Georgia, Georgia, Tbilisi. 2014 Bachelor of laws (LLB)

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