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Every day we are faced with situations that we could not foresee. And sometimes such situations appear in the framework of the law or its violation. And here the main thing is to protect yourself from incorrect decisions and to timely act in favor of legal protection.

There are frequent cases when a criminal charge is imposed on a law-abiding citizen. And you need to act here as soon as possible. Timely qualified assistance of a lawyer will greatly facilitate the dispute resolution process. You can independently prove your innocence, but the percentage of positive experience here is about 5%, because an experienced legal expert can take part on the second side of the charge or defense.

In order not to risk your time, life and reputation – apply for legal assistance in Batumi in a timely.

If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, and the consequences of the conflict require the intervention of law enforcement agencies, then the matter is resolved through the court.

The most serious court decisions are always made in criminal matters. They leave their imprint on the whole life of both the defendant and the plaintiff. Therefore, it is important to seek legal advice from a specialist on time.

If you are a witness, then you can also get legal services and protect your rights. After all, a lawyer is needed not only for the victim or the accused. The range of such services includes all possible options, and taking care of the timely and maximum defense of your rights is the main task of the lawyer.

Consultation with Cohen Lawyers & Co lawyers will allow you to get answers to the necessary questions and knowledge necessary to further solve your problems. Indeed, an understanding of how to protect your rights, a convincing evidence base, and a lawyer accompanying you during interrogations and meetings are your high chances of a positive outcome.

Sometimes a simple testimony can turn into psychological pressure and the role of the witness is replaced by the suspect. Therefore, the sooner a person uses the services of a qualified lawyer, the faster and more effective the result of resolving the case will be.

Criminal lawyer in Batumi cover you a wide range of criminal cases:

  • This fraud,
  • Extortion,
  • Theft or robbery – any action that relates to damage to property,
  • Threats,
  • Robberies,
  • Violence,
  • Negligence or murde,

All it also included in the framework of criminal law and often end in prison. In general, the areas of criminal law can be distinguished as financial and economic crimes, personal harm or violation of public safety, as well as crimes related to state power or military service.

Any communication with law enforcement agencies is best done in the presence of a lawyer.

After all, he will be the representative of your interests at each stage of the trial:

  • inquiry,
  • representative investigation
  • the very resolution of the case in the trial.

A legal expert can participate in each of the investigative actions.

To begin with, he will analyze the specific situation and the reason for the institution of the criminal case.

It is necessary to determine the current position of the client and provide the safest position for protection.

The lawyer also collects and draws up the necessary documents in the form of complaints or statements, as well as collects evidence and searches for witnesses.

Our lawyer in batumi will protect you from unlawful harassment and empty charges that restrict your legal rights and freedoms.

If the client seeks legal assistance already at the conclusion stage, then the legal expert provides the client with a connection with their relatives.

The process of resolving a criminal dispute can unfold in the most unexpected way. And you need to be prepared for any change during the process.

For example, when one investigator transfers the case to another. It is important not to miss a single detail and control the transfer of all necessary information to the investigator. On your own, in a state of stress, you cannot manage to do this or make a mistake. A lawyer will provide the necessary level of conduct of your case and achieve a positive result in the investigation.

To use legal services within the framework of criminal lawer in Batumi, send your request with a specific task to our lawyers in any form convenient for you and at a time convenient for you – by e-mail, by phone, on the site form below and Online Chat Consultation or visit us.

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