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Financial and Tax Lawyer in Batumi

Financial and Tax Lawyer in Batumi includes the services of a lawyer in resolving cases that are financial in nature, and arising in banking, tax, business and other areas.

The main result of our work is high-quality legal protection of the interests of the client in financial matters, and effective resolution of various situations that may arise during legal activities.

Due to the fact that each issue has its own method of resolution, and may be located both within the framework of arbitration proceedings and within the framework of the application of criminal sanctions, we consider each case in all the main branches of modern law.

Most often, the services of a lawyer in the Financial and Tax Law sector in Batumi include:

  • Legal advice on issues that are somehow related to financial and economic activities;
  • Control and analysis of the client’s financial documents in accordance with legal standards, as well as the conduct of financial activity itself;
  • Resolution of issues related to tax legislation and legal relations in the banking sector;
  • Resolution of issues under budget law;
  • Settlement of arising situations in the pretrial order;
  • Resolution of issues related to the application of administrative responsibility in the field of finance;
  • Litigation of financial issues;
  • Representation of client’s interests in state bodies and judicial instances;
  • Other services in the field of financial and economic activity.

Our financial and tax Lawyers have not only excellent knowledge of the legal framework, but also sufficient experience, which together will allow you to bring the financial sector of your company to the required level, as well as provide full legal support in the framework of tax accounting, inspections and legal compliance with documentation.

Timely seeking help from lawyers will greatly facilitate the process of resolving issues and ensure the outcome of the case without administrative or criminal liability and allow you to conduct your financial and economic activities in accordance with local legislation without fears and risks.

Financial legislation in Georgia is regularly changed, in connection with which the assistance of a financial and tax Lawyer in the financial and economic sphere is necessary not only to protect the personal interests or interests of the company, but also in order to keep abreast of current changes and timely adjust the organization’s activities. Regular cooperation with Cohen Lawyers & Co will ensure high-quality and successful implementation of business in the economic sphere of your company.

Particularly demanded and important in the economic sphere is the support of credit transactions and business support.

Most often, legal service in Batumi are addressed after the occurrence of force majeure situations. We recommend involving a lawyer in resolving the credit issue at the initial, or any subsequent stage of lending, without bringing to risk.

In the field of credit, a lawyer is an expert providing professional legal assistance to a client who is faced with credit difficulties at the time of filing an application, concluding a contract or in the process of debt repayment. It is an appeal to a lawyer that will allow the borrower or organization to reduce financial losses and risks.

In the lending process, it is necessary to adhere to comprehensive customer service, which includes an appropriate list of services.

We recommend that each prospective borrower take advantage of at least the legal advice of a lawyer.

This service includes monitoring lenders, their reliability, optimal lending programs according to customer needs, and, accordingly, recommendations to the client on the choice of organization for further cooperation.

Clarification of rights and obligations to the borrower, advice on resolving emerging issues, as well as monitoring the preparation and signing of the agreement will greatly facilitate the lending process.

The main problems in the lending process arise after signing documents and not carefully compiling or studying them. It is especially important to monitor the application process and the collection of documents for loan processing. It is important to control the documents of both parties, both the lender and the borrower. During the audit, the lawyer excludes potentially dangerous transaction conditions for the client and gives recommendations on the preparation of complaints, claims and other documents, if necessary.

In the event of a dispute, the client needs legal support, the essence of which is to attract lawyers, or attorneys to provide legal assistance and resolve disputes in the field of lending or banking. Such issues may include both transaction support and protection of interests in pre-trial or judicial proceedings.

High-quality legal assistance in Batumi will ensure the lawfulness of enforcement proceedings and will allow you to resolve the consequences of transactions. It is a legal expert who will help in terminating or invalidating contracts, appealing against claims and claims of a creditor, or reducing the amount of debt obligations.

Not all borrowers know that they have the right to file counterclaims, appeals, or complaints.

To ensure that the lending process takes place as a safe and lawful transaction that meets the interests of both parties, we recommend that you attract qualified legal experts in a timely manner, and best of all, at an early stage of the process.

As for the services of a lawyer in the field of business, this is where special attention is paid not only to the external processes of the company, but also to the internal ones.

The widespread conduct of business in Georgia is conditioned by special conditions for entrepreneurs by the state. And so that your business and your company are always protected, it is important to take care of the legal support of the business in advance.

Any business in Batumi requires compliance with the legislation of Georgia. Legal management of internal documents, permission to conduct business by public and private authorities, as well as the preparation and verification of documentation – all this is the basis of a successful business.

The services of a professional advocate in Batumi at Cohen Lawyers & Co will help not only to understand the local legislation, but also to minimize business losses, establish interaction with the necessary counterparties and protect the entrepreneur in case of unlawful actions of competitors.

Cohen Lawyers & Co lawyers provide quality business support services.

First of all, this is advising on the current state of an existing organization, assistance in reorganizing or recognizing a bankruptcy of a company, or initial counseling when creating a new company.

In the event of a dispute, the lawyer of Cohen Lawyers & Co will protect the interests of the client and evaluate the quality and legitimacy of the actions and requirements of the structure that requests verification of the organization.

We will help you evaluate the prospect of a contract with a counterparty or partner from a legal point of view, identify possible transaction risks, respond to consumer complaints and complaints, and resolve conflicts with a client.

Our lawyers will also provide services for the resolution of controversial arbitration issues relating to your business and provide representation services in court.

Monitoring the fulfillment of the terms of any contract and the execution of agreements in accordance with the requirements of the law is the success of any financial and economic activity!

In order to use legal services in the financial and economic sphere in Batumi, you can send a request with a specific task to our lawyers in any form convenient for you and at an acceptable time – by e-mail, by phone, on the site form below and Online Chat Consultation or visit us.

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