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Car Accident Lawyer in Batumi. The transport system in Georgia and Batumi has its own characteristics and requires a detailed study and strict observance of all traffic rules.

About 450 car accidents happen every month in Georgia аnd not in each case, the injured party seeks legal assistance, remaining at a loss.

Everyone who owns a car and drives the streets of Batumi every day is faced with a variety of, and not always pleasant, situations on the road. Most often at such moments it is difficult to immediately assess the situation and understand what is the best way to act. If an unpleasant situation has already happened, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Not everyone knows how to properly and lawfully communicate with law enforcement officials or insurance companies, which often leads to certain financial losses and stress.

In the absence of relevant knowledge, you may find yourself in a situation where the blaming of a car accident will be blamed on you, even if it is absent. Therefore, in the absence of proper knowledge in the situation of a traffic accident, a legal specialist on this issue, an auto lawyer, will provide you with a logical and legal resolution of the situation.

If necessary, an our Car Accident Lawyer in Batumi will accompany you in negotiations with government agencies, an insurance company and defend your interests in court.

A Lawyer in the legal system for Car Accident is most often needed in the following cases in Batumi:

  • the insurance policy has expired, but the funds have not been transferred;
  • the party guilty of an automobile accident evades payments and resolving the issue;
  • the insurance company refuses to recognize the damage to the car and pay compensation;
  • the false reason for the failure of the insurance company to pay for car repairs;
  • you do not agree with the court decision and wish to challenge it and more.

This is an approximate list of situations in which the qualified assistance of a lawyer can facilitate the process of resolving the issue of a car accident and save you from financial and other losses.

Each situation is individual and requires detailed consideration and study – analysis.

It can be schemes, photos, videos and any materials and protocols from the scene.

If you have already conducted an independent examination – provide the data to a lawyer. If there has not been such an action yet, a legal expert will help to make an examination and will monitor its process and result.

Also, if the insurance company has already managed to repair the car or make payments – the task of the lawyer is to evaluate the actions taken on the lawfulness and compliance with the contract. If the terms of the contract are violated, the lawyer helps to file a claim with the insurance company or lawsuit in court and accompanies the client throughout the process.

Often car accidents cost not only damage to cars, but also physical or moral damage to its participants.

In order for the situation to be resolved as much as possible, it is necessary to eliminate all the consequences of a car accident. For this, an analysis of the incident is carried out so that in any situation you have your own evidence base and witnesses with whom it will be easier to defend the rights in court when the corresponding situation arises.

In cases involving compensation for damage, a lawyer may represent not only the interests of the victim, but also his immediate family. This is possible, both in civil and criminal proceedings.

Our lawyers working with insurance companies in Georgia

Each car must be insured against a car accident, breakdown, theft or other unpleasant situation.

Then one of the participants in the process of resolving the issue becomes an insurance company.

Their role in the event of a car accident becomes one of the key – damage assessment and payment of compensation according to the contract.

The amount of payments and the level of participation of the insurance company in the case depends on the format of the insurance policy. Most often, without an expert in the legal field it can be very difficult to get quality and lawful service from a company. Therefore, the assistance of a lawyer here will be very useful and will consist of several stages.

First, it is important to understand whether the insured event is correctly framed and whether it is fixed at all.

If the client has refused the insurance company after applying for compensation, it is necessary to analyze the reasons for the refusal and, if necessary, file a lawsuit.

Representation of a client by a traffic accident lawyer in court in Georgia

After a traffic accident has occurred, a lawyer can protect the interests of both parties – both the victim and the perpetrator.

Most often the court is appealed in the following categories of Car Accident Lawyer cases In Batumi:

  • appeal against decisions on administrative fines;
  • appeal of deprivation of a driver’s license, where the interests of the client are upheld in any of the courts;

Compensation for damage in car accident cases, both material and moral.

As for the latter category, the subject of the lawsuit is very important here. This may be the payment of insurance, the elimination of damage to the car, compensation for moral and material damage, and so on.

In each of these cases, evidence is needed, the collection of which can be provided by lawyers at Cohen Lawyers & Co.

If you became a participant in a car accident and it is important for you to have a high-quality and satisfying solution to the issue, we recommend that you contact a legal expert for help so that your every step complies with legal standards and your decisions are safe.

So, the assistance of a Car Accident Lawyer in Batumi includes:

  • the preparation of complaints, clarifications, and filing claims;
  • participation in an independent examination and collection of evidence for participation in court;
  • representation at meetings in courts of all instances;
  • appeal against decisions made or fines imposed, as well as escorting the client at the stage of enforcement proceedings.

Of course, this list is approximate, and we are ready to take on your case in order to provide legal services even before the trial, and provide a comfortable and high-quality resolution of the issue.

In order to use legal services in case of a car accident in Batumi, you can send a request with a specific task to our lawyers in any form convenient for you and acceptable time – by e-mail, by phone, on the site form below and Online Chat Consultation or visit us.

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