Real estate market in Georgia

In the process of sustainable development of the country, real estate is based on its special role in the development of the economy.

In particular the nature of real estate as an investment asset, its place and role, price and value, financial, legal and managerial issues. The real estate market economic and social according to specificity and structure Identify development trends.

Real Estate in Georgia the market is still in its infancy and therefore is less studied.

Real estate market regulations and legal aspects related to property ownership are not less is an important issue. Our society has doing real things for years the perception of the real meaning of the property market has emerged.

Similar to that before the behavior was not typical since the real estate market last 15 has been offering its rules for years.

Clearly, this market is strong has a multiplier effect on the economy of the whole country. There is a group of scientists-economists who believe that the latter the financial crisis is the result of mistakes in this area.

Therefore, in modern science real estate the study of the regularity of development determine its place in the system. Is of particular interest in creating effective regulatory tools.

The real estate economy combines economic, legal and geographical aspects.

Among the most important are the economic aspects. Which include the role of real estate in the economy of the country in the system. Market analysis, macro and real estate value influence of microeconomic factors on real estate financing sources, general basics of investing and valuation.

Real Estate market analysis and forecasting is highly relevant. Because of its provides objective information to those which carry out various large operations in this market about making a decision. Real estate market analysis for investment, development and evaluation projects and forecasting is a vital step.

Based on this analysis, a previous investment became possible at this stage

To evaluate the economic efficiency of development and investment projects as well as to reduce the inaccuracies of real estate . Built based on historical data in modern conditions the analysis of possible scenarios for the development of the economic situation is quite relevant.

Until now, only residential real estate in Georgia a formal description has carried out. No market cycling was done studies, forecasts. There was no residential real estate detailed Determination of Demand-Supply Factors and Analysis of Macroeconomic Factors, Affecting Real Estate on business;

Real estate regulation and the problem of development in Georgia and the regional aspect requires scientific research and practical implementation, recently certain issues of this problem have been studied by researchers and economists.

Interesting papers have been devoted to the elaboration of practical theses along with theoretical issues, but in this way has not become the subject of specific research.  Accordingly, this issue requires treatment at the scientific level. Information about the real estate market is very scarce. It turned out to be interesting for us the real estate market as the most sensitive organism is important for the economic and social development of the country is a supportive tool.  

There is no overstatement of additional literature and scientific research on real estate in general. The peculiarity of the market, about it foreign scientists and researchers have dashed papers.

Real estate market in Georgia is still in its infancy and hence less so explored.

After the transition to a market economy, it started in Georgia Privatization of state property, state-owned private. The process of alienation to a legal entity, which led to the economic progress of the country. Also, the sharp development of the real estate market. The most important asset in this process is land.

The transition to the Market economy and the establishment of agricultural diversity have radically changed the theoretical-methodological of land management aspects.

The agenda was inter-agricultural principles, methods, methods and land management of land management the need for new understanding and management. Land reform includes legal, economic, technical and organizational a set of measures that fundamentally change local relationships.

Based on them, different forms of agriculture should develop, in order to provide them lands should redistribute.

Strengthen the ecological requirements for land use and protection has met legal rights of land use.  

But with us this incomplete use of legal norms in the reform process, has not been possible to create conditions for the rational and use of land.

Basically the result is that of privatized lands efficiency is low. While available to the state lands are not used. Which puts on the agenda the introduction and use of new mechanisms for the rational use of land necessity.

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